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>>Jesus Of Suburbia...St.Jimmy...Billie Joe!<<
I exist.

Since I last posted a real post, I have had a serious relationship which has sadly now ended, stopped working for the video store Choices and now work for Blockbuster, visited Manchester, had a hair cut, gone on various weird adventures into the Asian world with my friend, and discovered the Italian late 70's cannibal film genre.

I have brought my ticket to see Fall Out Boy and The Mighty Boosh. And I am on a two week waiting list for a one bedroom flat with the council.

I saw Dark Knight, Funny Games and Son Of Rambow.

Oh, and I think I've purchased well over 2000 dvds.

I should be back to normal speed in about a week, maybe two.

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but 2 lies are expensive // talk is cheap
Fuck knows what I'm scribbling down in this thing, its been what? a year since my last entry? Well, felt like it! Screw the babble I just wrote even if I cannot remember one thingy from it! Once typing starts to get typed then damned if I can stop it (plus I think I'm talking/writing to myself here).

Well another day... I always wish for darkness to quickly come, for with the night... my dreams... are realized or perhaps the world of truth is drive away by the shadows of the night.

Who knows the reasons, that my heart yerns for the night. For during the day it is bright and beautiful (sometimes) and nature blends with all things... if you are into nature that is.

Perhaps I look at life around me... quesitoning as i do... and realizing perhaps it shall never be without worry ??
I mean ok... life has all sorts of worries... and it is what we do with thoughs worries... that kinda makes us who we are.

For me... most things I dont worry that much about... actually most things... But when it comes to something so amazingly important... I dont know. Actually one thing in my life can have such an affect on me. For all other things can be cast far from me and I would be fine, but I guess everyone has there weakness if you would call it that. I personally would say it is a staying point !!

Ah well i must be going ... of on some crazy adventure... well def with the crazy... lol!


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How do you truly achieve a unique entry each time you sit down in front of the computer to type a journal entry? And by unique I am simply talking about in regards to your own previous entries. Perhaps you simply have to focus upon the mundane, the day to day. Because in doing so it is possible to avoid repetitious thoughts. But the thoughts do still remain hidden in some small corner of the mind, so perhaps by being verbose?

However! In being verbose it sometime feels as if what you say is even more a repeat then if you speak in simpler ways. So we can continue to ponder this issue(?) does it really matter enough to spend thought and energy upon? All the other skulls floating around in the ether with their happy payload of gray matter don't seem to be particularly troubled with monotone reality whether in word or deed.

So we can imagine an infinite splash of color that warps in and out of space in such patterns as to confuse the eye and boggle the brain. The wavelengths that these black electronically represented letters spit forth towards my eye sockets are perhaps more then black. Perhaps my mind filters out the reality of the information being transmitted. Just because you don't detect a thing does not mean its not there.

And perhaps to follow that line of thought further, perhaps within these words are encoded concepts that you haven't see at first glance? perhaps there is a code within the code? What would that code be? Is a code without context meaningful? If I write a message to myself then perhaps so. I can encode it so that only i can decipher what it is that I intend to say. So that future tomas might be able to discern some meaning that is to be squeezed out drop by juicy drop from the words that fill the page.

Or perhaps the code is simpler or more complex. Perhaps it is not for me at all, but for another to decipher.

Then this entry is for them!

Would they know that it is for them without first receiving the communication or preamble? Every packet of information needs some form of header to notify the recipient of its potential meaning? Or is the header simply the method employed in disbursing the message to the potential recipient? Something is contradicting itself here? Something rings more false then true? Does the veracity of the truth hold any purpose when the message is emotive in nature and not specifics driven? Does the manipulation of the text lead to the desired end point?

Perhaps! I'll see. In colors to colors we flow. In darkness no colors are seen. In light too bright the colors lose luster. In life too intense the colors distract from themselves. Subtly we approach are desired point... And what you see is what you get.

Tonite I played my bass and drank a Jack Daniels whilst doing so.
The more things stay the same, the more they change.
Is the ground beneath our feet stable or fluid?
Just watch an earthquake from space if you need to know the answer to that one. But thats pretty impossible and stupid.

All things are in motion!

The end is the key!

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but 8 lies are expensive // talk is cheap
Why do they steralize the needle for the lethal injection?

Good question...

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Man, so fucking tired - 9am til 10pm work. Blah.

This nearly made me cry with laughter and also, strangely, turned me on:

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Mike will play Texas Hold 'Em with you, Billie and Tre
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Bed, bed, bed, movie? Watch a movie in bed.

Lost Boys probably.


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Pissed off.

Ah Ventilation....!

How the fuck does it work that in rock, paper, scissors something can beat rock? Surely if a rock can smash a pair of scissors it can tear its way through a piece of crappy paper. If paper can beat a rock by wrapping it up then why doesn't it do the same thing to the scissors? Because paper sucks. Good ole rock... nothing beats that.

I'm going to a mates to play guitar and do music.

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Standards set and broken all the time, control the chaos behind a gun.
Call it as I see it even if I was born deaf, blind and dumb.
Losers win big on the lottery
Rehab rejects still sniffing glue
Constant refutation with myself...
...I'm a victim of Catch 22


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Blink 182 have split up... man, that sucks.

Really... I've spent my growing life listening to those guys...

Mark Hoppus was one of my main inspirations for playing the bass guitar, it just doesn't seem real.

'But then all it means is I'll always be dreaming of you...'

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Yey coffeetime! Coffee! Coffee coffee coffee! Coffee!

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I love watching Riding In Vans With Boys....

Green Day are just the greatest band in the fuckin world fuckin shit planet fuck.

Once again, excuse my use of the 'F' word. Sorry.

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