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Where's Kris? - >>Jesus Of Suburbia...St.Jimmy...Billie Joe!<<
Where's Kris?
I exist.

Since I last posted a real post, I have had a serious relationship which has sadly now ended, stopped working for the video store Choices and now work for Blockbuster, visited Manchester, had a hair cut, gone on various weird adventures into the Asian world with my friend, and discovered the Italian late 70's cannibal film genre.

I have brought my ticket to see Fall Out Boy and The Mighty Boosh. And I am on a two week waiting list for a one bedroom flat with the council.

I saw Dark Knight, Funny Games and Son Of Rambow.

Oh, and I think I've purchased well over 2000 dvds.

I should be back to normal speed in about a week, maybe two.

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but 2 lies are expensive // talk is cheap
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but 2 lies are expensive // talk is cheap