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>>Jesus Of Suburbia...St.Jimmy...Billie Joe!<<
I like it in the house when everyone is asleep and I am the only one up. It is quiet yet I still know that the house isnt empty. This is a great feeling.

I'm in the process of buying some new posters... I'm thinking of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Evil Dead for my room and getting Sarah a new random but cool Green Day poster because I didn't get chance to get her one in Newcastle. Had a nice night after work - girlfriend, chinese food, beer and Team America movie. Man, so good. Listening to a live Green Day stream of their gig in Amsterdam. Also, so good.

I fought the bottle of Budweiser.

And the Budweiser won.

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Guess I thought I'd better post an update - been a while and have done so much! Mainly? WATCHING GREEN DAY LIVE!!! I thought I'd wait until I'd been to all the gigs before posting what I thought, so anyone who's interested read ahead!

American Idiot

live Green Day fun!Collapse )

If not, nevermind.

In other news I got offered the job as Assistant Manager at work so I'm excited about that. More hours, more pay, more responsiblity. I love the job at the video store and feel so glad to be able to get somewhere in it.

It's raining today so thats always good. Might have a beer tonight.

Must go get ready.


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The past several days, the weather has been quite cold! My cat, Rolo, has just had his furr fussed and he was a bit more purrerier than usual, so he was very cold, shivering even inside. The result? He had to get under my bedcovers and cuddle.

What can I say? My life today is being consumed by work recently. I don't have time to think about much else.
Except for Sarah... she always finds a way to cuddle into my head randomly and stay there. Yesterday at work I was thinking about one day when I went to Rhyl with her... and it was nice. Very nice. Oh, and yesterday work got miraculously better. It was ridiculously fast compared to most days. I was with the manager Neil and he said that I could take the assistant managers job when she goes off on maternity leave! I feel so happy about that... an actual career move! Yey!

I can hear the rain banging against my window right now... making me feel more so sleepy. So I'll sleep. I can't believe how soon I'll be seeing Green Day! I cannot wait! Oh, how the rain sounds... the best weather...

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Just wandered back into my bedroom from the bathroom, and wondered why it had gone so dark. Looking up to the ceiling, it seems that 2 of the 3 of my lightbulbs managed to fail in the 2-3 minutes I was away. Then, as I'm looking up at them and wondering how that happened, they manage to turn themselves back on, one at a time. Somewhat bemused as to how that happened, but on the plus side at least it means I don't have to go buying new bulbs.

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I say the word fuck way too much.

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Seeing Green Day in less than two weeks!!! Sooo can't wait.

Also, got Broadband so maybe I'll be writing a whole lot more in here again.

Thats if... I ever think of something to say. Hmmm.

I fought the law and the law won.

Krissy Joe


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Hey hey hey! (again for a long time).

I finished work at 2:56am. Bit earlier than usual.

And on my way home I saw a rat run across the road. Or it could have been a mouse. I'm not too good with small animals.

But anyway, I saw something like a rat run across the road. What did you see last night?

Kris xxx

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Hey. So... I got a new job =) woot! Will be working 12 hours a week at Choices Rental video store, which I know I'll enjoy but still, 12 hours won't be enough to keep going really... I decided to keep an odd shift at the cinema to tie me over, much to the disappointment of my girlfriend. Friday daytimes there, sunday afternoons and monday and thursday nights at Choices... I think thats pretty adequete!

Not feeling in the best moods right now because of the above, though. Went to see Sarah at work, tell her the good news, but she's really not happy with me still having a shift at the cinema =( I need to work more than 12 hours in a week and because Choices aren't offering any extra hours I need to carry on a shift at the cinema. Looks like it might be a bitter night of argueing.
Also, got to pick my mom, nan and sister up at sometime... they've been on a coach trip to, um, I think my dad said paris...? They've stopped over a night - I forgotted. My dad's got the flu pretty bad.

Well, think I'll go listen to some sad music... *sigh* no workee, no happee...


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'Whats a matter? Ocean not big enough for ya? Oh yeah... tough guy... wanna piece of me... do ya..? do ya...? Do ya...? Ohh, I'm scared now.'


'Quit following me!'

'Huh? You were showing me which way the boat went!'

'A boat? Hey I've seen a boat! It passed this way not long ago... it went... it went this way! This way!'

'Wait a minute! You already told me that!'

'I did? Uh... oh...'

'Look, if this is some kind of joke its not funny, and I KNOW funny... I'm a clown fish!'

'No, no, I'm sorry, but its just that I suffer from short-term memory loss... Ask anybody! It runs in my family... at least, I think it does... Hmmm... where are they...?'


'Can I help you?'

'Somethings wrong with you. Seriously.'

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I've decided that over the next few weeks I'm going to be eating more healthy. Not because I think I'm fat (though my stomach does seem to be getting bigger) but because the whole health thing - better for my body and stuff. So its healthy slimming stuff for me from now on. Yeah. Just thought i'd let people know. I'll update on my progress!

Did mark hoppus get where he is eating burgers... No! (well, he might have).

Kris xxxxxx

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